Straw & Western Party Rentals

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Rental Prices Listed Below

Pick up rentals at the store or Click Here to scroll to bottom of this page to request a delivery quote

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Picture and DescriptionName and Rental Price
Straw Bales
Straw Bale Rentals = $5.00 per bale
Whether you call them Bails, Hay stacks, Hay bales or Hay Bundles they will look great at any event!
Yorba Linda Feed Store rents straw bales for decoration. Great for parties and large events!
Bales are approximately 4'L X 16"W X 2'H.
Our delivery policy is that we drop off and pick up the bales. We do not drag or dolly the bales to set them up as part of the normal delivery fee.
You can seat 2 adults per bale comfortably.
20150604_101304Western Saddles and Tack
Western Saddles Rental fee = $20.00 EACH
If you need western decoration or photo opportunities our Saddles are great for parties and large events!
2x1x4Galvanized Stock Tanks
Galvanized Stock Tanks = $25.00 per tank
These galvanized tubs are perfect for drinks, Just add ice & water! We rent two sizes:
2'Wx1'Hx4'L : 10-80 guests
2'Wx1'Hx6'L : 10-140 guests
Wooden Wagon Wheels
Wooden Wagon Wheels = $10.00 for 1 or $15.00 for 2.
Yorba Linda Feed Store also rents wagon wheels for party decorations. Diameter is approximately 36"
Decorative Burlap Grain Bags
Decorative Burlap Grain Bags= 1 Bag rental fee is $3.00 for 2 for $5.00 or 3 for $6.00.
Light weight and sealed top and bottom. Looks great with the hay bales.
Rustic Wooden Backdrop
Rustic Wooden Backdrop = $60
Dimensions: 8ft Long x 4ft Deep x 7ft Tall
Weight: 150lbs

Wood Wine Barrels
Wooden Wine Barrels = $20.00 for 1 or $15.00 each when you rent 2 or more.
Height: 36" Width: 26" Weight: 130lbs
Great for parties of any kind!
Rustic Table Tops
Table Tops = $20.00 per top*
Heavy Duty Wooden Table Tops for rent.
*Wine Barrels rented separately.
The table tops are 7 feet long and 44" wide.
Weight: 150lbs

Cocktail Tabletops
Cocktail Tabletops = $15 each*
*Wine Barrels rented separately
The Cocktail tabletops are 36" in Diameter.
Wood Crates
Wood Crates = $4 each
The wood crates are 20"L X 12"W X 12"H.

Empty Burlap Bags
Empty Burlap Bags = $1 each
Great to cover the straw bales when used for seating or on the table top for Western decor.
Dimensions: 40"L x 23"W.
Western Lantern for Rent
Rustic Lanterns = $10 each
17" Tall

Straw Bale mazes, couches, seats, stairs and more! Straw Bales can be arranged on delivery for a additional charge.


Add-on Packages (Bundle and save on fees!)

A: 2 Saddles, 2 Wheels & 1 Tank for $60.00 (Save $20)

B: 2 Saddles & 2 Wheels for $45.00 (Save $10)

C: 2 Saddles & 1 Tank for $55.00 (Save $10)

D: 2 Wheels & 1 Tank for $30.00 (Save $10)

Located in the city of Yorba Linda, CA. We deliver to most of the areas in Southern California. Delivery and pickup are a separate fee based on distance and bale quantity. Send in a quote request today. Quantity available and rental prices subject to change. Rental items have limited availability. We do not drag or dolly the bales to set them up as part of our normal delivery fee. You can request Setup & Dolly of your rental for an additional fee. You do not need to preorder if you are picking up less than 40 bales. Hay stacks. Hay Bails. Hay Party.


Our delivery/pickup hours are the same as our normal business hours:
-Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. – 5:00p.m.
-Saturday- 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
-Sunday- closed
Any time before or after those hours would be an added fee

We are closed on Sundays. Delivery or Pickup on Sunday would be an additional fee.

Click here for our detailed straw bale rental policy

We suggest having your straw delivered a day before your event in order for you to have enough time to rearrange the bales.

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